In our pursuit of excellence as educators, what has been lost is our willingness to question whether what we are doing makes sense. Education must consistently be challenged and rethought. Most schools are preparing students to be part of a workforce; not to be successful individuals. Rather than cultivating critical-thinking, financially adept, calculated-risk-taking students, most schools are simply mass-producing young people who will be left with more questions than answers, ill-equipped to prove the American Dream isn't a fallacy. Perhaps the greatest flaw of the traditional school protocol is the lack of emphasis (or, in most cases, inclusion) on financial education, which is part of the reason we have a country full of people with degrees they can't use and a ton of debt. So, at The Wilson Academy, we decided to design a truly student-driven program. We listen to our students, and what we've built, we have built for our students. If a student has an idea for a club, activity, or assignment, we encourage them to present a proposal. We constantly evaluate whether what we are teaching is still relevant. We make sure that we change as the world changes while still holding on to core traditional values. In every decision we make, we ask, "Is this what is best for our students and their families?" It's our environment, our commitment, or our culture. It's the Warrior Way.

Headmaster Speaks to South African Media

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