About Our Curriculum

The Wilson Academy has its own curriculum geared toward cultivating internationally competitive students. Our curriculum focuses on critical thinking skills; and as a result, our students are able to proficiently use logic, deductive reasoning, and problem-solving skills. All of our classes are college prep, and our financial education initiative is woven into all that we do. Additionally, our commitment to providing students with exposure and opportunities ensures our students are prepared for the next level.

The Wilson Academy

Our Year-Round Schedule

The Wilson Academy

At The Wilson Academy, we operate on a year-round schedule. Rather than the traditional lengthy summer break, our students have a shorter summer break, with timely placed week-long breaks throughout the school year. Because of this, our students have more continuity and more opportunities to learn. Studies show that students enrolled in year-round programs typically outperform students in traditionally scheduled programs.

The Wilson Academy


The Wilson Academy is a private, accredited elementary, middle & high school. We have a unique approach to education, and our success comes down to The Three E's:

The Wilson Academy


No matter how smart your child is, the wrong environment will keep your child from reaching his or her potential. The Wilson Academy does not accept students with behavior problems or a history of behavioral infractions, so we are a safe, bully-free environment. At The Wilson Academy, students have the chance to learn from and with staff and students who understand their needs. By enrolling your child at The Wilson Academy, you can surround him or her with students who want to be here, want to behave, and want to learn.

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We challenge the "status quo," focusing on what has been proven to work, what will add value, and what will arm our students with advantageous, practical skill sets. Every year, our critical-thinking-based program helps our students earn millions in college scholarship dollars! We have several key components:

  • Small classes – Our average class size is 16 students.
  • Skill-based Classes – We group our students based primarily on ability, rather than just what grade they're in. This takes a great amount of effort, skill, and experience to implement properly – which is why this approach is so unique.
  • Unique Curriculum – You won't find our curriculum anywhere else. That is because it was created BY The Wilson Academy specifically FOR our students. We have discarded the rigid, generalized components found in most curricula and replaced them with innovative solutions that have proven to be successful.
  • Financial Education – We don't know what our students will do for a living, but we do know they will need and have money. Therefore, financial education is a vital component of our curriculum. Our students learn how to put their money to work, the true path to financial freedom.​

We have high expectations for our students and intentionally foster an academically competitive environment. As such, the support your child will receive at The Wilson Academy matches the rigor.

The Wilson Academy
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The Wilson Academy
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Not all learning takes place in the classroom. Our students regularly take college visits (both in and out of state), perform community service, and regularly take curriculum-related field trips. We expose our students to different cultures, different ideas, and even different countries as part of our International Travel Initiative.

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Individual Growth Concept

At The Wilson Academy, your child isn't a number. Every student has different talents, skills, interests, and learning styles. As such, students often require different paths to success. We focus on individual growth by applying methods that have proven to be beneficial to success while allowing the child's individuality to flourish. One of the ways we do this is by teaching based on ability rather than grade level.

The Wilson Academy

Financial Education

Now, more than ever, our students need to be prepared to thrive in an ever-changing world economy. That's why, at The Wilson Academy, we place an emphasis on our financial component. Financial education is incorporated within our core curriculum so that our students are taught not only to become financially healthy but financially prosperous.

The Wilson Academy