St. Johns Univ. Grad & Warrior Alum, Fred Ede

The way our students feel about The Wilson Academy is what makes our program so special. Read what some of our Wilson Warrior Grads have to say about their school.

The Wilson Academy means a lot to me. The founder of The Wilson Academy is like a father figure. I admire Byron F. Wilson because his intentions for The Wilson Academy are prodigious; not just for The Wilson Academy, but for all young African Americans. I have changed tremendously since attending The Wilson Academy, and I definitely changed in a positive way. When I first came to this school, I was a sensitive little boy. But now I am tougher, thanks to Mr. Wilson’s counseling. Words cannot express what this school means to me. I am proud to be a Wilson Warrior.  Warriors 4 Life! 

Adam Vann, Class of 2010

The Wilson Academy has changed my life in many ways: physically, mentally, and emotionally. Without Wilson, I would probably be in a whole lot of trouble. With the love of The Wilson Academy’s Warriors, I have overcome many problems in my life. Mr. Byron Wilson has also had a special effect on me because he has been a father figure in my life for the passed three years. Mr. Wilson is also one of the best teachers I have ever had, because he explains things so I can get a better understanding. 

Raquel Hightower, Class of 2010

The Wilson Academy has helped me to grow physically and mentally. When I came to The Wilson Academy, it changed my life. I had a better relationship with my teacher, and participated in activities I wouldn’t in public school. I’ve learned about my African and American history. I’ve played varsity basketball, football, and I’ve worked out for four years straight. The Wilson Academy has multiple ways of teaching, including field trips, games, stories, and hands-on activities. The subjects we are taught are more diverse than what you’ll see in public school. We learn in a small, active, environment where we can learn from each other. I have also recorded events and trips to help my school grow. There is no school like The Wilson Academy. 

Preston Rogers, Class of 2010

The Wilson Academy is my home and my family. Before I came here, I hopped from school to school. Not because of bad behavior, but because I was being tormented by my classmates. My first year here, I broke out of my mold and learned something I could never learn in another school; my history! Most schools talk about Dr. King and Rosa Parks, and that’s it. Here I learned about everything from the Zulu’s to the first black president (before Obama)! I learned to be a lady and have more respect for myself. What I love about this school is that there are no cliques. Everyone is different and accepted for it. The teachers here are sincere, and fight hard for us to make it in this world. This is my family and I will always be connected to this school. I am always going to be a Wilson Warrior. 

Tierra Farmer, Class of 2009

The Wilson Academy wouldn’t be anything without its founder Byron F. Wilson. The Wilson Academy changed the way I see everyday life. I have a great example of what a man is supposed to be. He’s taught me life lessons that I can’t get anywhere else. I’m fortunate and very blessed to have him as a teacher. Anyone and everyone can benefit from him.  Maurice

Brodnax, Class of 2010

As a veteran of The Wilson Academy, I have been able to establish a satisfactory identity, all the while being able to completely enjoy my environment. The program’s founder and headmaster, Mr. Byron F. Wilson, has provided me with an abundance of consultant assistance, outside of being an excellent academic cultivator. The Wilson Academy has become more than just a monotonous experience like public school. It is now the facility in which I garner the most positive cultivation in my life. 

Fred Ede, Class of 2011

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