Warriors in Cape Town, South Africa

The Wilson Academy’s mission is multifaceted. Its main objective is to provide quality, private education, at a reasonable cost. Quality private education shouldn’t have to be expensive, which is why you’ll find The Wilson Academy’s tuition to be among the most competitive in Dekalb County, GA.

The Wilson Academy also believes in overall human development. Our students aren’t only learning their subjects; they are also learning how to become proper young men and women. We groom our students to be community leaders, equipping them with the tools necessary to become successful in whichever endeavors they choose.

Today, The Wilson Academy has grown into one of Dekalb County’s best private schools. With its year-round schedule, unique curriculum, and innovative approach, The Wilson Academy has become a leader in private education.


The Wilson Academy is a non-profit, 501 (c)(3) organization.

2360 Old Covington Hwy SW, Conyers GA 30012 - (678) 615-3536