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No matter how smart your child is, the wrong environment will keep your child from reaching his or her potential. There are so many intelligent students who are acting out simply because they are surrounded by negative influences. It has become almost impossible for teachers in many schools to be effective, because so much of their time is spent battling unruly children! By enrolling your child at The Wilson Academy, you can surround him or her with students who want to be there, want to behave, and most importantly want to learn.


We have high expectations at The Wilson Academy. We can have high expectations for our students because we provide them with the instruction, support, and resources they require to be the successful students you want your children to be. Quite simply, we adopt the national academic standards and then we push to exceed those standards. We don’t expect each student to earn a 100% average in every class, but we do want 100% effort.

Proven Success

At The Wilson Academy, we have a proven track record with a 100% graduation rate. Every year our seniors earn thousands of dollars in college scholarships, and attend colleges and universities both public and private, and all over the country. Our college preparation process begins in middle school, so our students are in position to make sound decisions as to where they will attend, and how it will be paid for.