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Why Smaller is Better

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Why Smaller is Better

Many people are accustomed to the large school experience; or at least larger than The Wilson Academy. A student body of hundreds or even thousands is what many of us recall from our past. But ask yourself this question: How many of those students did you consider to be real friends? For most people, that answer is five or fewer. At The Wilson Academy, our small environment encourages more students to build relationships with each other because everyone truly has the opportunity make an impact. No one is a number at The Wilson Academy. Students in large schools often fall between the cracks. But our students get the chance to explore and display talents they otherwise would not.

Controlled Environment

The simple reality is that it can be difficult for large schools to maintain a safe, positive environment. There are just too many teenagers in one place. At The Wilson Academy, our classes do not exceed twenty students; so our classes are very productive. But more significant is the type of student a school has. Headmaster Wilson interviews EVERY student before admission to The Wilson Academy to ensure your child is surrounded by like-minded, education-focused students. We do not accept students who have been expelled, or have poor behavioral histories.

The College Advantage

At the typical high school, the counselor is primarily responsible for your child’s college process. But counselors at large schools are responsible for hundreds of students, many of which will graduate without ever even meeting the counselor. At The Wilson Academy, our headmaster works directly with the students and parents, and never has a graduating class larger than twenty. So as a parent of a student of The Wilson Academy, you can rest assured that your child’s college needs have been given the attention they deserve.