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Public schools receive your tax dollars (whether you have kids or not) to run their budgets. But private schools like The Wilson Academy don’t receive tax dollars or any public funding. Just like tax dollars don’t always completely cover the costs to run the type of public schools people admire, tuition doesn’t completely cover the cost to run a private school. Hence the High 5 Initiative! If you like what we’re doing, you believe in our mission, and you just want to help (but you don’t necessarily have a lot of extra cash to give), the High 5 Initiative is for you. We’d like you to donate $5 … that’s it. Now you might be thinking, “What good will $5 do?”. $5 is maybe half a movie ticket, less than two gallons of gas in your car, and depending on where you go it might buy you a decent burger. But for us, $5  is a few Dry Erase markers, a ream of copy paper, pens and pencils, hand sanitizer…you get the idea. Plus, it all adds up!

If you’d like to contribute to our High 5 Initiative by donating $5 today, simply click the Donate button below. It’s through Paypal, so we never see your financial information; and you know it’s safe and convenient. 100% of all donations goes towards enhancing our students’ academic experiences. Thank you for your support!

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