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Wakka- our school mascot
Wakka- our school mascot

Q:Are you accredited?

A: Yes, The Wilson Academy is accredited by the Georgia Accrediting Commission.

Q: Do you offer transportation?

A: We work with low-cost transportation services, and our location is also Marta accessible. But we have a great Warrior Parent community, so many students carpool. Our two most commonly used services are Let’s Go Transportation (770) 808-9242, and Adams Transportation Services.

Q: Do you give scholarships?

A: There are a number of scholarships available. Go to our Scholarships page for more info.  Note: link to scholarship page

Q: What types of students do you accept?

A: Some of our students are gifted, but some are not. The most important thing to us is that students have no behavioral issues, and are willing to learn.