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Office hours: M-R 8:30-3:30, F 8:30-2:30

Call us at (678) 615-3536, or email us at info@thewilsonacademy.org

Fax: (678) 615-3503


Office Manager, Ms. Rita Weaks – r.weaks@thewilsonacademystaff.org

Lead ELA instructor, Ms. Bryanna Banks – b.banks@thewilsonacademystaff.org

Lead Social Studies Instructor, Ms. Tiana Farmer – t.farmer@thewilsonacademystaff.org

Math & Science Coordinator, Mr. Byron F. Wilson – headmaster@thewilsonacademy.org

Athletic Director, Mr. Keith Wilson – kwilson1616@yahoo.com

Technology Advisor, Mr. Justin Fortsin – justdavonn@yahoo.com

WPO (Warrior Parents Organization) President, Ms. Tiffany Lewis – catchtip@gmail.com

Deputy Headmistress & Learning Challenges Coordinator, Ms. Barbara McKie – b.mckie@thewilsonacademystaff.org

Board Chair, Mrs. Tiffany Wilson – t.wilson@thewilsonacademystaff.org

Founder & Headmaster, Byron F. Wilson – headmaster@thewilsonacademy.org