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Seniors Chris Matthews and Brandon Mitchell and their multiple acceptance letters


Our curriculum is designed to yield a college-prepared student. Our high school students take all four core subjects (math, science, language arts, social studies) each year. They also take two years of foreign language. But what makes a Wilson Warrior even more prepared for college is our academic method. Because our students test weekly, they know how to study. Study skill is seldom taught in other private schools, but this is not the case at The Wilson Academy. Writing skill is also an area of focus. Headmaster Wilson, a published author, has ensured that students at The Wilson Academy have daily writing assignments. This way, our students will not struggle with essay sections on college entrance exams, or college writing assignments like term papers.


All colleges look great in the brochure or on their websites. To get a true feel for universities, students need to visit them. On average, The Wilson Academy visits 13 colleges and universities each school year. We even have an annual out-of-state college road trip! Because our students have actually experienced college campuses, they are able to make better decisions when it’s time to choose a college.

Warriors at The University of Florida
Warriors at The University of Florida

A Plan

From the time your child begins high school with us, we help develop his or her plan for college. Year-by-year we evaluate all the factors, such as where your child will benefit most academically, where your child is academically competitive, what viable options she or he has, and a host of other considerations. As a result, our students earn thousands of dollars in scholarships each year. A thorough college prep. approach is the reason The Wilson Academy Graduates attend a wide range of quality public and private, in and out-of-state colleges and universities.