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The Wilson Academy uses its own curriculum. It is geared towards cultivating nationally competitive students. Our curriculum focuses on critical thinking skills, and as a result, our students are able to proficiently use logic, deductive reasoning, and problem-solving skills. Successful implementation of The Wilson Academy Curriculum relies on the following components:

  • Small class sizes (We maintain a student to teacher ratio of no more than 20:1) diverse teaching methods
  • Weekly testing exposure (The introduction of new and relevant concepts through experience)

Year-round Schedule

At The Wilson Academy, we operate on a year-round schedule. July is the only month in which our students do not attend school at all. Rather than the typical 8-10 week summer break, our students have regular week-long breaks throughout the school year. As such, our students have more continuity. Whereas other schools spend valuable time reviewing information after a long Summer Break, our students can move ahead to new material. Studies show that students enrolled in year-round programs typically outperform students in traditionally scheduled programs.

Individual Growth Concept

At The Wilson Academy, your child isn’t a number. Every student has different talents, skills, interests, and learning curves. As such, students often require different paths to success. At The Wilson Academy, we focus on individual growth. Our goal is to maximize your child’s potential. One of the ways we do this is by teaching based on ability rather than grade level. For example: The typical 8th grade math curriculum calls for the teacher to assume all skills for Grade 7 have been mastered. But in many cases, a student hasn’t truly mastered all the skills from the previous year. Herein lies the potential for failure in other private schools. At The Wilson Academy, we would teach that eighth-grade student the seventh-grade math skills. Conversely, our method is also advantageous for advanced students. If a 9th Grade student can do 11th grade work, we grant him or her the opportunity to do it. No other private school in Dekalb County, GA shares this approach.

STEM Focus

The ten highest earning careers upon graduation are all STEM careers. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. If our students are to succeed, they must be equipped with STEM skills. It is for this reason that The Wilson Academy has incorporated a STEM focus into our already rigorous and well-balanced curriculum. Headmaster Wilson has been working with STEM consultant Dr. Eric Jones, Mechanical Engineer, to incorporate additional math and science classes.  The Wilson Academy is also working to develop various science and technology programs with local universities and companies.  

Financial Component

Now, more than ever, our students need to be prepared to thrive in an ever-changing world economy. That’s why at The Wilson Academy, we have a financial component. Wherein some Georgia private schools offer finance classes as electives, financial proficiency is incorporated within our core curriculum at The Wilson Academy. Our students are taught how an economy works, how to properly budget their money, and how to make their money grow.